Built Construction was borne out of the desire to create a company that first and foremost provides a high quality service to clients from top to bottom but also a place where builders grow personally and develop their skills on an ongoing basis.  We believe it is this daily challenge which creates an engaging work environment and allows each of Built Construction’s builders and apprentices to reach their potential and produce their best work for you, the client.


To be a trusted leading light in the building industry for innovative and high quality workmanship and service, a place where people value their work and are eager to develop beyond their potential.

  • Experienced and Professional

    There is in-depth experience across all areas of the building industry within the team at Built Construction which is presented in our professional approach both on and off the building site.

  • Built Construction Guarantee

    At Built Construction we guarantee our workmanship with our uncompromising commitment to quality.

  • Building Business

    At Built Construction we are constantly building our business, not just homes.  Our business minded approach includes a commitment to ensuring that you have a stress free build for the duration of the project so that it is an enjoyable experience and you will want to recommend us to your family and friends!


Sam Hartnett – founding director of Built Construction.  Previously, Sam was an apprentice and finally a qualified builder with a local company building high end architectural homes.  Prior to that he could be found in formal attire in the office and the courtroom living life as a lawyer.  The call of the great outdoors and being active was too hard to ignore from the confines of the office so the suit and the tie was passed in for steel caps and an apron.  In the office on the Friday and digging footings on the Monday was a monumental shift but one that he has not looked back on.  Growing up Sam’s dad was a builder so it was not an unfamiliar world.  The years of legal training and practice has put Sam in a position rarely held by other builders.  The ultimate result is that you the client get a building company which, in addition to specialist building knowledge, is knowledgeable of all the inner workings of the contractual side of the building process.  This is extremely important as the mounds of paperwork and red-tape accumulate and the odd sticky situation arises requiring careful negotiation.  Sam is a Tauranga local living here with his wife Emma and two kids, Jackson and Mollie.

Lance Bennett site foreman. Lance is often mistaken for Kelly Slater, or so he says.  One similarity is that Lance is a professional after many years of experience working on high end architectural homes.  Lance has skills not just on the surfboard but technical and problem-solving skills that are the envy of any builder.  Teenagers keep Lance occupied when not on site or the surf as chief supporter and on-call taxi service.

Poihipi Heke – apprentice.  Poihipi now lives in Tauranga after toing and froing to either side of the Tasman.  Poihipi is cranking up the pressure on and off the jiu jitsu mats as he progresses his skills as a Jiujiteiro and as an apprentice builder.  With a background in demolition during his time in Australia, Poihipi is well equipped to progress towards his goal of being a qualified builder.  Poihipi can usually be found by the charcoal cooker or whipping around the country on family roadtrips.

Luděk Effenberger – apprentice.  Luděk hails from the Czech Republic and has a passion for rock climbing.  As an apprentice he is climbing his way towards a qualification as a builder with the skills he has gained as a form worker back in Czech Republic and four years industry experience in NZ.  Luděk has a young family and enjoys taking in all that NZ has to offer.